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(no algae, no fungus, no rot, no discoloring)

FibreCon® is a water based mixture of unique waxes, beige as a liquid but transparant after application. It brings the same long term protection to Wooden surfaces as TopCon® does to stony ones.

FibreCon® penetrates the surface of dry timber, wrapping individual fibres into a WATER REPELLENT lining, preventing growth of Fungus and rot. It leaves a colorless non shiny layer that accentuates weins and nerves in the surface.

NB: For softer types of wood and chip- or fibreboard, TopCon® can be a more economic solution. But, when a heavy duty protection is needed and in all cases of (tropical) hardwood, FibreCon® will outperform common transparant wood finishings both in terms of protection and durability.

NB: Technological, application and commercial data are available on this site, but some are ©-protected. Access needs Username and Password. Choose to apply: 1. Trading (Interestees in Product Distribution and/or Application) 2. User (Building Owners / Contractors etc.)

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