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Products > For all porous Stonies

(No fungus, no algae, no rot, no moisture migration,
on/in Concrete, Bricks, all Stonies, Wood, Fibreboard etc.)

A water based colorless, non toxic Liquid, that makes the surface of all porous Stony materials hydrofobic (WATER REPELLENT) but also the surfaces of softer Wood types and various kinds of boards that consist of chips or fibres derived from wood, cane, reed etc.

TopCon® prevents the growth of Fungus and Algae on and in stony materials, in masonry it helps to resist moisture migration, in woody fibres it prevents fungus and rot.

TopCon® penetrates 1-3 mm into the surface, wrapping each particle or fibre into a hydrofobic lining. It will also form that lining on the inner surfaces of pores, capillaries, hair cracks and other micro voids, but never leave any sign of presence on the surface.

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